SFDrummer? Whats that?

​​I played drums for a band called Acquiesce in the late nineties (98-99).  They split up and the guitarist and I decided to form a new band.  After the usual, seemingly endless search for a band name that every musician will go through at one time in their career we settled on Super Frets.  Sometime later I needed to sign up for an internet related account, I wish I could remember what is was!  I used sfdrummer as the username and its stuck over the years.

This page exists mostly because I got a Squarespace 6 invite and I wanted to kick the tyres.  Soon it'll replace whats currently at dropkickbroadway.squarespace.com and I'll put everything thats there over here and get the Dropkick Broadway​ site turned into something that'll actually be used for that band.

Well, thats it for now, I have tyres to kick...​