Bed, Theme, Break and Close

I think it was back in September when Karl Madden (@claw0101) told me he wanted to do some kind of Christmas special for the Here and There show.  He didn't know what he wanted to do, maybe something scripted, something 'panelled', no idea.  But he was certain that a Christmas version of the theme would be needed, just some jingle bells in the background or something.  But that was 3 months ago…

I had been fiddling with the current version of the theme on and off for about 2 months when I finally decided to start from scratch, only the organ and string tracks from the original would be kept.  So, with about 2 weeks to go till release I started work on the new version of the theme.  And then I had to get my voiceover done, I had been selected as the narrator!

After reading the script for the show, I decided that my intro voiceover should have a musical bed, some wind and snowy sounds, some strings playing an E major chord, a glockenspiel, the usual christmas stuff.  That all came together nicely, next up, the new theme.

As I said earlier I kept the string and organ parts from the original version of the theme and rerecorded everything else.  I even selected a different EZDrummer library for the drums, something a little less bombastic and slightly warmer, the Americana kit.  Then there was the question of the lead out from the theme, I didn't want to just go for the pedalled chord and fade, I thought it'd be nice to continue the strings into the first scene.  When the theme finishes the tempo drifts down and I had a clarinet and an oboe playing the little xmas hook that I'd come up with, over the top of the strings still pumping away.

I also provided Karl with a little string/glockenspiel break that I came up with on the fly.  It follows the same style as the xmas hook.

The plan at first was to end with the short intro theme but I wanted to send the show out with a longer version.  Karl had also suggested that I do a credit read at the end.  I wrote a middle section for the theme which could be talked over and then extended the last few bars to the end.

Karl spent ages putting the show together, assembling spoken parts recorded by people all over the country and then editing it all together into a coherent and well timed piece is not an easy task.  The end result is a wonderful piece of podcast comedy.  Personally, I can't wait to do it all again next year!

Go and listen to/download the Here And There 2012 Christmas Special here!

Download the Here And There Xmas Suite here!