I present "aaa-songIdea-Bounce2.mp3"

Yes, I know it’s not much of a song title but it does describe it well.

  • It’s for the All About Android podcast with Eileen Rivera, Jason Howell and Ron Richards on the TWiT Netcast Network which you must check out at twit.tv/aaa.
  • It was an idea I had for the show theme music
  • It was the second bounce I did, the first one was a test and was two semitones higher.  This was a very rough mix but they used it anyway...
  • It was encoded as an mp3

This all came about because the AAA team were looking for show themes, I happened to see one of their live ‘beta’ shows and decided to give it a go. Guitar in hand, Cubase starting up and an idea in my head I proceeded to record the guitar part which ended up being mixed out. That guitar part however, laid the ground work for the intro that is in the version you can download here but they never use on the show. It was also two semitones lower, and eventually had to be re-recorded.

I fleshed out the basic arrangement, then had to decide whether to record some real drums or use EZDrummer. I used EZDrummer, but played the patterns in on the keyboard. After the drums, the customary double tracked stereo guitar chords were put down, Native Instruments Kontakt and FM8 VIs were employed to produce the relevant plinky plonk sounds and then I had to do a guitar solo, obviously.

It’s odd really, the looped tapping that fades in at the beginning of the track and reappears at the end is actually the original solo, recorded in the original key and pitch shifted up. The dreamy solo at the end was done in a single pass and was going to be chucked out. If you notice at the end, the solo track goes a bit random as I do a silly gliss up the fretboard indicating that I think thats going to have to be done again. I cut around some of the ‘mess’ and potted up the delay at the end to give it a nice floaty finish.

The song was played during the last beta of the show and Jason and Eileen chose to use the last half of the track as the show outro. Needless to say I was over the moon that even a snippet of something I’d written was being used on a TWiT podcast.

I’ve received a couple of emails asking where people could get the track so I offer it here as a free Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike download.



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