All About Android Show theme submission

I couldn't be bothered to find the android logo so I'll have to stick with the macro shot of one of my old Lego constructions to illustrate the point.

While watching my favourite internet netcast station (Leo Laporte's TWiT network) the other day I stumbled upon a Beta/Brainstorm show for All About Android, a podcast about Android (obviously).  The hosts Eileen Rivera and Jason Howell played back some great submissions for theme tunes for the show that had been sent in by a couple of viewers.  They then mentioned they were still on the lookout for themes.

Guitar in hand and noodling away I finaly produced a little ditty and promptly sent it off to them.  If they like it they can use it for free, if they don't I'll use it for something else.

Jason emailed me back this morning (my time) saying they would play it on the next brainstorming session.  If something I've written gets played on the TWiT network I shall be over the moon!

Happy March!