I've owned two midi cables for about 13 years, I'll start with that.

I finally found both of these cables after a year long on and off search of the following places:

  • My studio
  • My cables box
  • My loft
  • My laptop bag
  • The school I teach at occasionally
  • A friends studio
  • My cables box (had a good rumage this time)
  • My other laptop bag
  • My camera bag
  • My mobile studio bag
  • My loft again (after a clear out)
  • My garage
  • My car
  • The draws in my bed

I finaly found these cables in my cables box, the CABLES BOX.  Granted I acutally emptied it out this time, I must have mistaken it for one of the cheap molded XLR cables I have in there.

I had to find these cables because a friend of mine gave me his old M-Audio Oxygen keyboard with the USB broken.  I was using this keyboard when I took the picture for my "75 is a big red number" post, after taking it apart and fixing the USB.  The newely fixed USB interface on the keyboard broke itself again after 2 weeks and I decided to try the midi out port.

I had been looking for these cables for a few reasons

  • I wanted to 'sync' my GT-6 to my VG-8 while setting up my live guitar rig
  • I needed to record some piano stuff and didn't want to rely on the samples in a Roland piano in a recent recording session
  • I hate loosing stuff
  • I thought I was going mad!!

Well, I'm not mad and I have the MIDI cables!

Work continues... When the day job allows :)