75... Is a big red number

No, I don't know why I used that picture. The only reason I can think of is that it adds some colour to this blog, which is looking decidedly grey at the moment.

So, its January! I'm feeling good about things at the moment, on the musical side. Lots of little happy accidents occuring and songs begining to take shape. This collection of songs definately has a feel to it, a good feel. Athmosphere, thats what it is!

All the albums that Adam and I have been involved in, from the Super Frets to Sleepwalker, seem to have been shouting "hey, look at us, look what we can do". This album just seems to be saying "have a listen to this a minute". I think its because we are both older and wiser and just want to write music that sounds good to us, not music that is designed to appeal, like so much popular music does these days.

I've also broken out the lyric pen and paper and started sketching ideas, nothing solid yet but like I said, they're ideas.

Until next time...