Resuscitation complete

Albums take time to write, this one has taken a while. We started writing 'The Circumference of Cake' back in 2004 and about a month ago we decided to record it, finish it!

Just as a bit of background, Adam and I used to be in a band called the Super Frets. 'Used to be' probably isn't the correct term because I'm not sure we've actually officially parted ways yet. Although 4 years between gigs leads me believe the thing has probably bitten the dust. Oh well.  We kept writing for the Super Frets, intending to carry on with the band after the guitarist moved away.  As the years crept by we wrote less and less.

Two years after the rather colourful collapse of another band we were in, we decided to form an acoustic covers duo. Dropkick Broadway was going to be the music we loved, played the way we wanted. Problem was the music we loved had to be padded out with with some of the more grating 'pop/rock classics' we hated.

Dropkick Broadway, for one reason or another, ended up being shelved for 8 months and was badly in need of resuscitation. After many conversations, and the realisation of fact that the P.A we'd bought hadn't actually been used yet, we decided to revive the two projects; Dropkick Broadway and The Circumference of Cake.

So, albums take time to write, and this one is nearly finished (in the grand scheme of things).  Its going to be an interesting 2011...