It has to be said.  I hate snow, ice, english snowy drizzle and slush. I have been know to enjoy cold weather though. The reason I've come to detest ice in particular is because a couple of years ago I managed to slip on it and propel myself into the air. What goes up must obviously come down, I came down on my coccyx, which hurt. I was unable to play the drums for almost 2 weeks and the effects of my accident lasted about 3 months.

But thats not the point of this post, the point of this post is to continue my personal blogging experiment. If you're not me and you're reading this then that obviously means that I've decided to launch the DKB blog properly and I forgot to delete this post. This is a very bad thing, although I'll probably just leave it up for posterity.

To music related matters! The album is taking time, Adam and I just don't seem to be able to get together to write or rehearse at the moment. This is probably because I have a pile of dayjob work to do and Adam is busy doing lifeguard stuff.  I've got a few ideas recorded with my iPhone that need to be fleshed out and Adam has a similar sized catalog of ideas on his phone that he needs to persue.

I think we are just going to have to put the album in stasis until January and enjoy Christmas before any work can be done.

So, I'm off the Isle of Wight. See you in January...

Resuscitation complete

Albums take time to write, this one has taken a while. We started writing 'The Circumference of Cake' back in 2004 and about a month ago we decided to record it, finish it!

Just as a bit of background, Adam and I used to be in a band called the Super Frets. 'Used to be' probably isn't the correct term because I'm not sure we've actually officially parted ways yet. Although 4 years between gigs leads me believe the thing has probably bitten the dust. Oh well.  We kept writing for the Super Frets, intending to carry on with the band after the guitarist moved away.  As the years crept by we wrote less and less.

Two years after the rather colourful collapse of another band we were in, we decided to form an acoustic covers duo. Dropkick Broadway was going to be the music we loved, played the way we wanted. Problem was the music we loved had to be padded out with with some of the more grating 'pop/rock classics' we hated.

Dropkick Broadway, for one reason or another, ended up being shelved for 8 months and was badly in need of resuscitation. After many conversations, and the realisation of fact that the P.A we'd bought hadn't actually been used yet, we decided to revive the two projects; Dropkick Broadway and The Circumference of Cake.

So, albums take time to write, and this one is nearly finished (in the grand scheme of things).  Its going to be an interesting 2011...